The Instituto de Química y Bioquímica, belonging to the Facultad de Ciencias of the Universidad de Valparaíso, is an academic unit that is essentially focused on undergraduate and postgraduate research and teaching, aspiring to achieve excellence in:

  • The transmission of significant and quality knowledge to future generations of professionals both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, in careers and programs of the Institute, as well as others of the University in which it is required.
  • The generation of new knowledge in the areas of Chemical and Biochemical sciences through the development of basic and applied scientific research at the highest level, becoming regional and national benchmarks in our discipline.
  • The commitment to the development and application of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and its teaching in various careers of the University of Valparaíso.
  • The dissemination of knowledge beyond the doors of the university, bringing the academy closer to the community, especially to citizens in school stage in order to arouse in them an interest in chemical and biochemical sciences.


The mission of the Instituto de Química y Bioquímica of the Faculty of Sciences consists of:

  • Cultivate research, extension, teaching and training of graduates (pre and postgraduate) and professionals in the areas of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Train professionals in the area of ​​basic sciences through the Bachelor of Science career, mention in Chemistry.
  • Develop research groups of excellence, as well as promote their activity at the highest level of quality.
  • Ensure the quality of Chemistry and Biochemistry Teaching given to various careers at the University of Valparaíso.
  • Disseminate in society the basic and applied sciences in the area of ​​Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as in the various Research Lines that are developed in the Institute, promoting their massive knowledge.

In summary, the mission of the Institute is to generate, transmit and disseminate knowledge, cultivating science and technology, through the development of undergraduate, postgraduate and research teaching, delivering and developing the skills to train graduates, professionals and researchers that society required in our area of ​​expertise.